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F-BOMBs are not currently being sold, as they are being redesigned. Contact us if you'd like to learn more.

Malice Afterthought is a security and software consultancy, handling everything from mobile application and web development, to architecture reviews, to in-depth analysis of security posture and software risks at the coding, application, and network levels.

Our principal, Brendan O'Connor, has taught at the US military's cybersecurity school as well as working for both VeriSign and Sun Microsystems in their security divisions; he has also worked for DARPA and startups as a combination engineer, dreamer, and mad scientist capable of making even the most challenging tasks into reality. Much of the rest of the cast of characters changes as needed, but always with a focus on achieving previously-impossible tasks while protecting our clients' interests and reputations.

We have posted some open source work to CPAN and GitHub. We can be contacted via email, and make a GPG key, 0xB58EDA54, available for secure communications.

Malice Afterthought: Think Again.